Sunday, June 2, 2013

Emmy Dream Ballot: Outstanding Guest Actor and Actress in a Drama Series (2012-2013)

 I decided to separate these categories from the writing and directing this year.  All I can say is that The Good Wife could fill all twelve spots on these lists.  The Good Wife's use of their recurring/guest stars is handled better than any other television series on the air.  Wife seamlessly blends together the guest with their main characters.  Whether you are watching Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston) a lawyer who often work with Lockhart Gardener, or is sometimes represented by them, or Clarke Hayden as Lockhart Gardener's trustee.  These are just two of the many memorable guest performances from this past television season.

What makes a memorable guest performance?  Hard to say, but these twelve people do a great job, and represent some of the best I have ever seen in these categories.  William Daniels is a person on few people's radar, but as Dr. Craig Thomas a mentor to Christina Yang he made your heart melt as someone Christina finally believed in without sleeping with him.  Game of Thrones has so many moving parts, but Diana Rigg who played Lady Olenna Tyrell stood out as a larger than life character in the few scenes she has had.  While Daniels was on Grey's Anatomy for several episodes, and Rigg has had only a few scenes their impact on the season has been important, and they have made an impressive showing.

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama
Jim Beaver-Justified
William Daniels-Grey’s Anatomy
Rupert Friend-Homeland
Nathan Lane-The Good Wife
Ray Romano-Parenthood
Ray Stevenson-Dexter

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama
Alison Brie-Mad Men
Jane Fonda-The Newsroom
Margo Martindale-The Americans
Martha Plimpton-The Good Wife
Carrie Preston-The Good Wife
Diana Rigg-Game of Thrones 

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