Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tune In or Tune Out: The Fall (2013)S

The Fall (BBC 2-Available on Netflix)
Created by: Allan Cubitt (Murphy's Law, The Runaway)
Starring: Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan, and Laura Donnelly

Americans watch out not only have the Brits dominated in the film acting world, but they are taking over television as well.  The British Invasion was a phrase used to describe The Beatles dominance in the world of American Rock and Roll.  Recently the Brits have had a tremendous influence on American audiences as shows like Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Luther, Torchwood, and Orphan Black (to name a few) have made their mark on American audiences.  This time the Northern Irish and BBC 2 are making their mark!

The Fall is about the PSNI (Police Service Northern Ireland) investigating a series of murders which have targeted a series of women who look similar.  After the police can't track down their killer they bring in an outside police office to help attempt to get the job done.

While the premise sounds rather basic this show is a tremendous study in the human mind of a killer.  The first episode jumps right into action as the serial killer is revealed right away; he is Paul Spector (Jaime Dornan).  American audiences may know Dornan from his brief role as the Huntsman/Sheriff in the ABC series Once Upon a Time.  Dornan's work as this methodical killer is an incredible study in human introspection.  Spector is a psychologist by day whose psyche is truly troubled by night; he stalks his victim in the day while with his children.  A truly dark an methodical process, which only becomes more intense as the second episode begins.

Gillian Anderson, plays Stella Gibson, is the Detective Superintendent (the outside police officer) brought in to investigate the case.  Stella sees many partners within this case the PSNI do not want to see, but there is something the people in charge do not want, these murders to be linked, and this to be seen as a serial killer in Belfast.  Anderson whose largest role was Agent Scully in the FOX television series The X-Files is always brilliant, shows a quiet restraint within this role.  Anderson has never hit the mainstream, other than X-Files, but she always takes on fascinating roles.

The Fall was the highest rated show on BBC2, and is now available on Netflix.  The first episode of this show proved intriguing, and kept me wanting me.  This five episode series (now in the middle of episode two) is going to be one those shows that will keep proving that the Britis, and now the Irish just know how to do things right.  This show is intriguing, well shot, and has sharp writing.

Tune In!

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