Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Bluth Family is Back! Arrested Development Returns in Top Form

The Bluths are back!  After a seven year absence one of the most dysfunctional television families has returned.  Arrested Development lasted three seasons on FOX, but the network made a huge mistake, they cancelled the show, and did not see the long range fan base.  Throughout the the seven year after the show was cancelled the fan base has grown and grown, and there were talks of making the show into a film a la Sex and the City.  Instead of a movie something even better has happened, the ever growing Netflix has brought the show back!

One of the most amazing things about this show is the way it rose the visibility of the stars from the show.  Development marked a return to form for child star Jason Bateman, and after this show he has never worked more; his most recent film Identity Thief made 130 million domestic.  Will Arnett has had several different sitcoms, and was a recurring guest star on 30 Rock.  Jessica Walter lends her voice to Archer, and so on and son.  I am excited to see them come back to their routes, and like that they seem just as happy to return to working on this show.

After only watching the first four episodes of the show (I had to eat sometime), seeing the countless tweets, and facebook status updates the show has maintained the laughs and the love it has built up throughout the years.  At the moment my favorite thing i have seen is Lucille figuring out how to smoke in her smoke free apartment, no spoilers, but it is one of the funniest things I have seen.  The show also knows how to continue to use its recurring guest stars.  Time to go back to the show, and continue the laughs with one of my favorite television families.

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