Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Season (Series) Finales the Best and the Worst 2013 (Spoilers Inside)

Best Series Finale 

The Office-One of the most perfect and emotional series finales I have ever seen.  I laughed, cried, and almost ran out on my husband with Ryan...wait, well maybe not that.  A year after the doc aired, Dwight was manager, Kevin and Tobey fired (about time), and people retiring and moving on from Scranton.  The show has always handled the transient characters so well, and this episode proves nothing less.  Michael Scott's return was handled so well, and his first line being "that's what she said"was perfect. There are so many great lines, and great cries it makes me want watch the episode over and over again!  One of my favorite series finales of all time.

Honorable Mentions:

Smash, The New Normal, Happy Endings...and all the other shows NBC put to sleep

Biggest Letdown

NBC- Last year it was one show (How I Met Your Mother) this year it's a whole network!  NBC renewed only two comedies, and basically is going to overhaul most of their line-up, while this may be a smart decision on their part it may just be plain stupid.  If the network actually paid money, and did better marketing and advertising their shows, they would not be in this situation.  This is why everyone including Jon Stewart makes fun of you on a regular basis, and you know if you are in the same company as CNN, and FOX news its trouble!

Worst Season Finale (Comedy)

Community (NBC) In what was meant to be the shows potential second series finale, Jeff graduates and the gang battles with their characters from the darkest timeline.  While this was one of, if not the best episode of the season, this show has lost it big time, and without Dan Harmon, is just not the same show.  What happened to the plan between Chang and City College, it's just hanging out there, and if this episode was supposed to tie up the loose ends, how could they have let that hang out there?  Without Dan Harmon this show lost its groove.  I am guessing Chevy is not coming back for the fifth season.

Worst Season Finale (Drama)

Glee (FOX) Rachel tries out for musical, Brittany leaves the school, and Regionals is at the end of the season so they can drag things out more?  I hate to say it but with a school shooting, and cat fish like episode this is just not a comedy, this is a drama with snarky comments.  This once great show which made people into musical shows and films once again is a bust.  The new characters are boring the jump from location to location is jarring, and the adults are more juvenile than the students.  This finale was more of the same ole same crap.  This show has lost the spark, it's not special, and this closing episode proves the emotion is just not there anymore.

Best Season Finale (Comedy)

New Girl-Jess and Nick going back and forth in a Ross and Rachel like way, Schmidt at a cross roads with both his lady loves.  This show had a great second season, and honestly loved the way it ended, although there not enough great or memorable season finales for comedy series.

Best Season Finale (Drama)

Revenge-This was a tough call, but after a bad second season Revenge takes the crown for the second year in a row.  It could have gone to Scandal with the final moments revealing Olivia's father had been around all along, or Good Wife's election results, and Alicia striking out on her own, but Revenge going back to the basics, and amping the drama, with the most shocking death (Declan), Nolan's arrest, Victoria's son showing up at the door, and Emily's reveal to Jack that she is actually Amanda (my jaw dropped).  This show knows how to leave you hanging.

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