Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flashback Music of the Week: My Stupid Mouth!

When I got home from dinner with my friend Andrew I sat down hit play on my Itunes and the shuffle picked the few random songs that I did not want to listen, but then one ironic song hit my ears.  I have to admit back in the day (not that far back) but in 2001 I loved John Mayer and his guitar playing ways.  "No Such Thing" was my anthem, but there was on other song on his EP No Room for Squares had one more song that used to be on repeat, and that was "My Stupid Mouth."  The song had a certain power in its vocabulary, and always made me think of those times my mouth opened and well like in the song something stupid came out and I regretted it.  Today was one of those days.

Today and maybe even yesterday I put my foot in my mouth.  After a beautiful vacation in San Francisco, and a great time at the Mumford and Sons concert I thought I was prepped to get back to work.  I was wrong.  When I got back things got into full swing, and without giving away too much myself and a couple of my co-workers were left, well angry.  I tried to talk to one of my big bosses no luck, and frustration ensues.  Then thanks to a night of Bunheads, trivia, and show tunes i was saved  I walked into my bosses office today, and then felt brushed off again, although both of us may have miss communicated, insert my stupid mouth and yelling something and acting stupid.

At this point it does not matter what I said, well except the words "I really want to quit!" Anger and frustration built up from not speaking my mind or saying something that could have sounded educated my anger got the best of me, and well I let it out.  I think I felt so many things in that moment, anger, frustration, fear, etc., my emotions ran the gamut.  How do you solve things like your stupid mouth, well I guess I write about them and eat BBQ.  This moment or well these moments have forced me to pay tribute to the once relevant John Mayer, thanks for the words!

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