Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flashback Music of the Week: Wake Me Up When September Ends!

Working at a college like most jobs has its peaks and valleys.  As a Residence Director the busiest time of the year (and most stressful) is when students come to check in with their parents for their first time in a residence hall.  I love the energy and enthusiasm, but this is typically followed with with grumbling complaints, negativity.  There are times when parents and students are incredibly appreciative of the work you do, and when you find those moments you cling to them for dear life.

When I was a Resident Assistant at C.W. Post Long Island University I remember Green Day's critical and commercial success with the album American Idiot, this critique on society, forged with some great song brought back their career with force.  I also remember my boss Jen being obsessed with the song "Wake me up When September Ends"

At the time I did not know where the obsession came from, but now that I am in her shoes I know exactly what she was going through.  Not only does move in happen during September, but there are numerous commitments, lots of other potential issues, and after working non stop for more than a month you want a week, no not even a week, but day where you can sit back relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.  Most of the stress of my job lasts from the middle of August lasts until the end of September, so Green Day said it best, "wake me up when September ends!"

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