Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Top Ten Highest Paid Actresses-Is this a Joke?

While reading today I stumbled upon his listing of the top ten highest paid actresses and they are:

Angelina_Jolie_in_Salt_blonde_brunette.jpg1-Angelina Jolie-30 million-I think I get why she is one of the highest paid actresses; she is hot and people go to see her in movies.  Jolie also makes some good films, and although not the best actress has done a great job in some films, but 30 million?! Really?!  This woman's films do not earn that much money.  Only 5 of her films have made over 100 million dollars.  These films were all action films, and she is a central character.  Having a female driven action film make over 100 million is a feet, so I give her credit.  I do not think anyone is worth 30 million dollars!

2-Sarah Jessica Parker-30 million-This is shocking to me.  Sure she starred in the second highest R rated comedy starring women, but 30 million dollars for what? Did you Hear About the Morgans? Failure to Launch?  What a waste of money!

3-Jennifer Aniston-28 million-Aniston hasn't had a truly successful film career since she finished Friends.  Aniston has never been the focus of a film that did great at the box office.  Her biggest success at the box office was Bruce Almighty, but the attention was clearly on Jim Carrey.  I do not enjoy paying 10 dollars plus to see her play Rachel Green time and time again; she should not be one of the top 4 grossing actresses.

4-Reese Witherspoon-28 million-Reese is a talented actress, versatile, and has made some great films.  In recent years she also has made some poor choices (post her Oscar), so I would not pay her as much as she receives, but she is truly talented and is the first person I came across that deserves to be on this list.  I hope she starts to pick better films soon, otherwise I will have to change my opinion.

5-Julia Roberts-20 million-Ten years I would have agreed with Julia Roberts being here, but at this point in her career she is longer someone audiences flock to see in a film.  I know she always lowers her fee, or will take a cut for some films, and I respect her for that.  Roberts film career has had peaks and valleys.  I hope this is a short valley and she can pick better, and have a film resurgence.

kristen-stewart-bella-swan-the-twilight-saga-eclipse.jpg6-Kristen Stewart-20 million-She stars in a film series that grosses high, but she has never done anything else successful.  If this were the case then Emma Watson from the Harry Potter series should make this much also.  This girl is ambivalent about her success, and you can tell she doesn't care about what she does; she is fly by night actress who will fade away once the Twilight saga is done.

7-Katherine Heigl-18 million-Another actress who made the move from television to film and has had some moderate hit films.  Hollywood rewards too many actresses with these salaries far too soon, and this is a prime example.

8-Cameron Diaz-18 million-The worst actress on this list, who has been in some pretty awful films.  The only recent successful films she has had lately is the Shrek series; she is beyond overpaid.

mamma-mia-meryl-streep.jpg9-Sondra Bullock-15 million-I like Bullock; she has had some stinkers and flops, but unlike the rest of the actresses on this list the majority of her films have been successful.  When people go to a movie they may actually go because she is the star and well liked, but she is one of the lowest paid on this list.  Ironic how the bottom two actresses deserve to be higher than most of the rest.

10-Meryl Streep-10 million-Lately Streep has not only turned in great performances, but she has also turned in some big hits.  With Mamma Mia!, Julie & Julia, It's Complicated, and The Devil Wears Prada under belt the older crowd has found their goddess and she deserves this salary if not more.

This list for the most part is a joke, even if some of the women were not talented and brought people to the movies in large numbers I could make sense of this list, but many of these women are just not successful, and make salaries that don't match their success rate.

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