Saturday, July 23, 2011

In Memoriam: Amy Winehouse


It was announced today that musician Amy Winehouse passed away.  The cause of her death is unknown at this moment, and I know without watching the news media or reading the blogs everyone will talk about or assume her death was an overdose.  This may be true, but I want to pay tribute to the wonderful music Ms. Winehouse left behind.

In 2008 Winehouse was nominated for 6 Grammy awards and won five of them, including Record of the Year (Rehab), Song of the Year (Rehab), and Best New Artist, three of the highest honors a musician can win; she was nominated for Album of the Year as well for Back to Black.  This is one of my favorite CDs, and I think of the best CDs of the 2000s.  Winehouse had soul and an incredible knack for creating beautifully written music.

Everyone has been hoping for a follow up CD to this body of work, but her drug and alcohol use had prevented her from working.  Winehouse will always be remembered as an artist who died before her time; she was a troubled soul but her music leaves a haunting imprint on me.

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