Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Study in Character: Are you a Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or like Most People All of the Above?

So I recently re-watched the television seasons of Sex and the City and then re-watched the first and second films.  After watching just the television show I remembered just how great this show was, the was great wit, wonderful dramatic writing, deep characters, and classic moments (Carrie falling on the runway).  Then I watched the movies again, and while the films kept up the general spirit of the show, there was just something missing.  The second film is actually one of the worst films i have ever seen.  Some films do not transcend the different mediums, and apparently this was one of those shows.  I think the new trend of continuing television shows that have ended with films is flawed (That topic is for another day!)

While I was finishing up the Sex and the City series I thought about how while people watch television shows or films and compare themselves to one character in the show or film.  Girls (and some men) will often state that the the sluts are Samantha, the ones who want marriage and babies are Charlotte, the fashionista is Carrie, and the sarcastic smart person is Miranda.  This show was a show that was concerned with labels, but those labels most often were in regard to Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabanna etc.  When you think about character development within the television series each of these women grew to be more than what they started.  When a person states I am (fill in random character) they are only defining themselves through one aspect or venue of their lives.

Charlotte learned more and yes her life revolved around her family but through two marriages learned that the man of your dreams doesn't need to look like prince charming, and that that "fairytale ending" can have many different stories.  Miranda learned that you can still be cynical and have it all.  Samantha learned that love is possible (including monogamy) but the most important thing is that knowing your self and not losing yourself is also important.  The one person who never changed much was Carrie; she still clung to Big (John) and to me is the most one dimensional character.  Carrie was the one character we learned from, the one who was navigating life but she never found herself on her own or through the help of her relationships (my opinion of course).

When I thought about this question for myself, the answer hit me, I have a piece of everyone of these characters.  I am sassy sarcastic and witty (Miranda), like some i have my "Samantha moments", I am a hopeless romantic (Charlotte), and sometimes I am stubborn, selfish, and get hooked on one man (Carrie).  These are all traits to do not define me nor are they permanent characteristics.  As people we are fluid in our identities, and I think remembering that as we get older we grow and develop.  We can not define ourselves by one character or characteristic.  So I ask you all why get carried away with labels?

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