Monday, January 4, 2016

Returning to Blogging!

I have not written in a while, separating my emotions from the politics of anything film and television related has been a challenge.  The biggest frustration I have had is the band wagon hate, see the recent reaction for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I am by no means a fan boy, I grew up on the films, and they meant a great deal to me.  I get people not liking a film, it's how I felt about The Hateful Eight this year. I think my perspective is that I am open to dialogue about why I liked The Force Awakens, or  did not The Hateful Eight, while some just are openly rude in their perspective.

My greatest inspiration for blogging is Sasha Stone; she has passion, and when she writes about movies their is such professionalism whether she likes them or not. I also appreciate that she lends her voice to talking about representation (or often the lack of representation) of diversity in film in front of of the camera, and behind the scenes.  Sasha has so much passion for her work, and I long to replicate this with my own work.

I have often wondered if my voice mattered.  Am I just another regular person with a blog? The answer to both of those questions is Yes, and the result is writing a little bit more and more each week, about different experiences I have, for me, as an outlet.  If others happen to read them, and agree and disagree, I am reaching an audience, and that is fine by me.

I am going to write about the best television and film of 2015 (for me), but I am also going to continue to lend my voice to talking about representation in film, television, and other media like comic books.  I want to make my voice singular, and meaningful.  Last night Carol ignited my passion, and it's time to return to writing more!

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