Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dream Emmy Ballot 2015: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Anna Chlumsky as Amy Brookheimer in Veep

Amy finally snapped and it was about time!  It was hard to be a standout in this large, almost too large, ensemble this past season, but Chlumsky was an MVP at standing out, Amy would be so proud.  There were two moments that stood out to me for her this season, the one where she quits, and the one where she returns.  In between all of that she has some of the best one liners.

Allison Janney as Bonnie in Mom


Bonnie had a rough year.  While she fell back in love with her daughter's father, he then passed away, and she had a hard time coping.  Janney once again tackled the deeper issues of this show with aplomb, in lesser hands this character could be a joke, but she is brilliant.  While dealing with her husbands death she turns back to booze and drugs to cope, her addiction drives a wedge between her and her daughter.  Once again this sounds depressing, but Janney knows how to get the laughs she deserves.

Jane Krakowski as Jacqueline Voorhees in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Many will compare this Krakowski character to Jenna Maroney, and while there similarities, namely narcism, Krakowski is brilliant in both roles.  In Kimmy goes on a Date, you get to explore the characters back story, the audience finds out that she is Native American, and its pretty hilarious watching her to be young woman trying to shuck her heritage.  Krakowski adds new layers to this character, something Jenna did not have, and its fun to see her explore this character.

Niecy Nash as Didi Ortley in Getting On

Niecy Nash Getting On

Nash derseves recognition for this role, not just because she gives the best side-eye to the other idiots working with her, but because she is hilarious, and gives heart to this role.  Nash's standout moments involve her trying to prevent one of her patients from drinking, its funny to watch her wrestle a bottle of vodka away from, but also touching to see her hold the patients hand as struggles with the issues.  Nurse Ortley is no nonsense, and this moment captures Nash's brilliant performance perfectly.

Andrea Navedo as Xiomara Villanueva in Jane the Virgin

I love Xiomara because sometimes you wonder if she is the mother or daughter in the relationship with Jane, and Navedo is just so much fun.  While Xiomara could be seen as one note, Navedo puts so much love into her character that you can't help but realize that this woman tries so hard to do and be everything for everyone in her life.  Xiomara is that loving mother,  who will make a fool of herself so that Jane is not embarrassed at a school dance; she really does bring a lot of laughter and love to this role.

Lauren Weedman as Doris in Looking 

Doris could have easily just have been another Fag hag, or just Dom's bestie, but Weedman's performance gave this role the depth it deserved.  Watching Doris deal with the death of her father was pretty rough, but the episode balanced the humor and  heart this character would often exude, death episodes are often just about the sadness, but Weedman's performance provided the layers to make this one of the best performances this year.

Runner Ups: Stephanie Beatriz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine,  and Carol Kane in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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