Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dream Emmy Ballot 2015: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut in Better Call Saul 


For the first episodes of Better Call Saul, I thought the inclusion of Mike was going to be more  gimmick than anything else.  In the fifth episode this changed, and not only did we get the strongest episode of the season, but we also got to find out more about Mike's relationship with his son, and the way his son's death played out.  Banks Mike was one of my favorite characters in Breaking Bad, and in the first part of the last season we started to get more from him, but the episode Five-0, in Saul was a tour de force that was rivaled by few this year.

Matt Czuchry as Cary Agos in The Good Wife

While Cary disappeared a bit in the second half of the sixth season of The Good Wife, his battle to prove his innosence for drug charges was one of the most compelling stories the show has tackled.  In the first few episodes of the season watching Cary get arrested, navigate prison, and go from thriving pretty boy lawyer to gaunt prisoner was rough to watch, namely because Czuchry was finally given material to sink his teeth into, and he succeeded beautifully; he is one talented guy.

Vincent D’ Onofrio as Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin in Daredevil

Why Captain America: Civil War Should Include Kingpin, According To Vincent D’Onofrio image
Take note Vince Vaughn, this is how you play a brooding megalomaniac.  In the comic book world, Kingpin has always been rather one note, he is often rich, and bad, but in this adaptation we get new layers to the character, back story on what made him bad, and sent him on a similar course of the titular Daredevil.  D’ Onofrio tackles Fisk's need/want to right by New York City, in the only way he sees fit, through control.  D’Onofrio is brilliant in this role, and gives this once one note character layers needed to make his story plausible.

Christopher Eccleston as Reverend Matt Jamison in The Leftovers

The Leftovers Two Boats and a Helicopter Headline

The is obviously a strong spiritual tone to the Leftovers, something which can't be ignored.  In the third episode of The Leftovers, the focus is solely on Reverend Matt who is trying to save his church from foreclosure, in order to save his church he goes to gamble, and wins the money, but is knocked out and misses the deadline.  The journey the Reverend faces is a test, and Eccleston passes with flying colors.  This is one of the strongest episodes the show put forth, and his journey to try and save his Church and fight for the living is a strident test of his faith.  Eccelston is amazing here.

Joshua Jackson as Cole Lockhart in The Affair

Daily Josh: Another beauty of Josh as Cole Lockhart courtesy of The Affair.

Jackson is easily the most under rated of the cast of the television series, The Affair.  Watch Cole through the eyes of his wife, and her love was interesting, and you Jackson tackled each perspective with range and depth.  Cole could have been a one note asshole, but Jackson gives this man range.  Cole is struggling to keep his once prosperous family a float, and trying to save his marriage after the death his son.  Jackson is heartbreaking, and does excellent work with this role.

Ben Mendolsohn as Danny Rayburn in Bloodline

Danny was the screw up of the Rayburn family, but Mendolsohn was the standout of this show bogged down by overwrought material.  While most of the performances in this show were good, it was Mendolsohn who gives the stand out performance in this ensemble; he does his best to be everything he can for his family, but ends up being a perpetual burden.  Mendolsohn excels in this role, and pulls off one of the best supporting performances of the year.

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