Monday, June 8, 2015

Dream Emmy Ballot 2015: Outstanding Guest Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series

I like the range you get from the contenders for Guest Actor and Actress in a Comedy series.  The range on these nominees goes from John Hamm a cult reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt  to those that straddle the line of hilarious and heartbreaking like Becky Anne Baker in Girls.

When you look at the silly in this category you still see the immense talent, Hamm's Richard Wayne Gary Wayne is one of my favorite guest roles in a comedic series ever.  Susie Essman falls into this category as well, and boy was she fantastic as Ilana's mother; she has been great in so many other things, but this role made her stand out in a way she hasn't before, without cursing as much.  Essman is a comedic genius.  It was also fun to see Kyra Sedgwick let down her hair and take on a role that was straight comedy; watching her try to nail Holt, in more ways than one was epic.

While many of these roles are all about the laughs, many walk the tight rope, and delve in the darker or more realistic realms of humor that do not just tickle the funny bone, but rather make you laugh in a different way.  Pamela Adlon has always walked this line on Louie, but it was her performance in "Bobby's House" that flipped gender roles in many interesting ways, her performance made you laugh and think a little bit deeper.  Zachary Quinto's guest turn in Girls also made you look at relationships with a different lens, and gave one of the strong performances from Girls this season.

Watching each of these 12 performances hit different comedic notes, and they each deserve a nomination in their perspective category this year!

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series
John Hamm- The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Laurence Fishburne-Black-ish
Chris Parnell-Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Michael Rapaport-Louie
Ben Schwartz-Parks and Recreation 
Zachary Quinto-Girls

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series
Pamella Adlon-Louie
Becky Anny Baker-Girls
Julia Duffy-Looking
Susie Essman-Broad City
Kyra Sedgwick-Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jennifer Lewis-Black-ish

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