Saturday, May 24, 2014

Season (Series) Finales the Best and the Worst 2014 (Spoilers Inside)

Best Series Finale 

How I Met Your Mother

This show had people angry tweeting Carter Bays, and Craig Thomas, the creators, as though there were pitchforks they could shove through their phones/computers.  The problem is the fan anger consumed most reports, while many people I know loved the finale.  Life is not exactly a fairytale, and while we invested time in Robin in Barney, a whole season on a wedding, might have been a flaw, but there was clearly only one woman who could tame the Barnacle a daughter.  The last couple of episodes including the finale, gave you closure, it just did not tie it up in a neat little bow, people need to realize like life, television endings can't be perfect, but this one was satisfying!!

Honorable Mentions:

Raising Hope, Community

Biggest Letdown/Mistake

ABC canceling Trophy Wife, FOX canceling Enlisted, and NBC canceling Community

These three networks seem to pushing away from the comedy game, but with twitter events to save shows, and the power of social media, one would think it would have been smarter to invest in these shows rather than put them out to pasture.

Let's start with NBC, I think this is a mistake mainly because of the shows cult status, but I understand, the ratings were a train wreck.  I get this cancelation, to some extent, but come on the network execs know "6 seasons and a movie" from fans, and they should have done a shortened sixth season.  As a fan I am grateful the show had 5 seasons, and that Dan Harmon was back to close things out.

I will lump ABC and FOX together for their treatment of Trophy Wife and Enlisted, two first year shows, both critically acclaimed, how do you help successful shows with smaller fan groups find an audience?  Why you pair them with bigger hits.  I bemoaned ABC for not moving Trophy Wife to after Modern Family, the two fit together.  Enlisted could also have been moved to Tuesday nights, and would have worked solidly with their comedy block at FOX.  I think the way these two shows were treated is further proof that network execs just do not care about comedy anymore, unless its generic.  Look at the shows remaining, there is aren't tons of great comedies to choose from.

Worst Season of Television New Girl 

I gave up on New Girl a a few episodes after the Super Bowl, right before Nick and Jess broke up.  While I can't speak to the show's quality or season finale, I can say the show that had the best season finale last year, slowly became a show I wanted to miss week after week.  I get the opposites attract thing, but Jess and Nick did not make much sense, things seemed cluttered, and can they give Winston something funny to do that does not involve him being creepy with cats, or write the character off, and bring back Damon Wayans Jr. full time.

Best Season Finale (Comedy)

Parks and Recreation

Throughout most of this season there was a lot happening, Leslie getting re-called, Ann and Chris moving away, Leslie getting pregnant, and getting a dream job offered to her, the shows finale pushed things forward, and showed the brilliance of what many fans knew was coming, the final lap.  This show is the most under appreciated one out there.

Best Season Finale (Drama)

Last year this was mildly trick, but the winner was Revenger for a second year, and while Revenge had a great season finale this year, it did not make the cut, there are however three shows that did.

Arrow-Wow, just wow.  Hey DC if your movies could be this good you would be in excellent shape to challenge Marvel.  This show knows how to bring it home, and the second season was a great season of television, the finale's action mixed with emotion had me on the edge of my seat.

The Good Wife-Will's death has caused a lot of change in both the characters personal and professional lives.  The Good Wife just had the best season of network television in years and the finale dropped a lot on our laps, from Alicia possibly running for States Attorney, to Diane joining Florrick/Agos, and more.  The show knows how to ramp up.

Hannibal-Just watched this last night and I had a nightmare or two, this show is haunting.  Thankfully NBC renewed this for a third season, because the "Red Dinner" left a lot of unanswered questions.  NBC has a winner on their hands, and if you do not watch Hannibal, start!

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