Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 2014 Movies to See and Skip

If you thought January was bad, wait until you the list of movies that are going to be released in February.  In my opinion there is only one viable movie release coming out this month.  Oscar films should expand even further so people can have a chance to see better films.

February 7th 

The Lego Movie is already being cited as the best animated feature since The Fantastic Mr. Fox, what a great complement, because is the most underrated animated feature of the 2000s.  Lego looks hilarious, and it will probably be the first new movie of 2014 I see.

I want to like/see The Monuments Men based on the cast, and behind the scenes creative team (Clooney as director), but with every new trailer I just feel it looks more and more boring, or as though its trying too hard.

Mark Waters directed the two most successful Lindsey Lohan films, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls.  Every other film has been a flop, this could bring him cult acclaim, but Vampire Academy looks like a stinker, another book to movie that just won't work.  When will Hollywood stop trying so hard?

February 14th

Love or Action?  Robocop picked a bad weekend to open, this re-boot of the 1980s film about a man turned robot will fall in the same line of Total Recall.

In Winter's Tale there you have a leading many who has never proven to hold his own at the box office, a fantasy love story, which typically does not drive people wild, look at The Lake House, and that had an established duo.  Akiva Goldsmans (director) is a talented writer, but I can't imagine this being good or successful.

Is Endless Love a romantic thriller?  The marketing is a bit confusing, and at first made me think it was going to be more Notebook like, hell the father is the same.  I am not intrigued are you? 

February 21st

My friend said it best on Facebook, why see a movie you know the ending to, the volcano explodes, enough said about Pompeii.

3 Days to Kill is one of two Taken rip-offs this month, funny enough one of them stars Neeson himself.  This one stars Kevin Costner.  Costner has been on a career upswing, so this could succeed at the box 

February 28th 

Non-Stop is that other Taken meets Red Eye, unless someone gets some money transferred into their account.  Neeson's films are becoming more and more generic step it up Neeson.

Son of God, yet another movie about Jesus, no words, but people will probably show up whether this is good or bad.

Must See of the Month: The Lego Movie
Must Skip of the Month: Everything else!

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