Monday, November 25, 2013

AMAs: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World performing the song "Say Something" while Aguilera was not at her best, it was one of the most emotional numbers of the evening, and almost did not fit because it was too good.

Rihanna performing Diamonds Receiving an Icon Award at 25 is a bit daunting, but RiRi lived up to her name, with one of her best live performances ever.

Katy Perry performing Unconditionally  While pitchy, and I am not sure I agree with the theme of her bowing and using Asian culture, it was her best live performance I have seen her give.

Sarah Silverman-She was the only funny person who presented, the banter on the other presenters was terrible.

The Bad

Did anyone get excited over Imagine Dragons?  There performance had energy, but the crowd did not.  What a shame

The big giant cat during "Wrecking Ball"-To quote a friend of mine, who designed this performance Lisa Frank? Cyrus was clearly emotional, and it was not a bad performance, but that damn cat was too distracting.

The Ugly

Taylor Swift winning Artist of the Year- Swift has broken a record and won this award 3 time, the most of any artist in the history of the show, a travesty!

Pitbull objectifies four women, and can't open a show-Pitbull is a performer, No?  He can dance right?  Why did he need four hot women to explain the dance moves he was showing.

Lady Gaga featuring R. Kelly (performing)-I am over her schtick, there is a reason for the massive decrease in her album sales; she is trying too hard, and its obvious.  I like her, and what she stands for, but she looks desperate.

TLC performing Waterfalls-Did they think about singing, the vocals were the worst of the night, and so was their awkward dancing

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