Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trapped on Duty Night Four: American Horror Story Asylum

With the hurricane fast approaching my fourth day on duty was action packed, somewhat.  I woke up late in the day mainly because I received one phone call at 3:30 am and one at 6:20 am, so my day started at noon.  I got to go to the gym for the first time in days, did laundry, watched lots of movies, and finished my last television show from this past week American Horror Story: Asylum.

Asylum is a new story, from creator Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk who created the original "miniseries" last year around Halloween.  This miniseries uses some of the shows favorite actors in new roles, Jessica Lange returns in a central role as a nun working at the asylum.  Other actors who have returned to the fold of the Murphy/Falchuk world are Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and a few more.  While the first miniseries was a true ghost story this second coming looks at the concept of the world of Asylums in the 60s.

During this time in American history the asylum was not just a place for the truly mentally ill, but it was also a place for nymphomaniacs, homosexuals, and those the world deemed as outcasts.  At this time religion had even more power over people, and many asylums were run by priests, and nuns.  This asylum mixes the religion with science.  The priest behind the scenes is played by Joseph Fiennes, and the scientist behind the experiments is played by James Cromwell.  The show was the perfect spooky treat to lead up to Halloween this Wednesday, but the most interesting thing in the show for me is the concept of science versus religion.

While the show is still in its early phase of examining both religion and science there is a lot that Murphy and Falchuk can do with this show, while making things go bump in the night.  This week focused on a young boy who speaks in tongues and eats the hearts of animals.  Zachary Quinto's character believes the boy needs medicine while Lange's nun feels as though an exorcism is needed.  In this world of the supernatural science and religion seem to challenge each other on a daily basis.  While in the current world in our country people tend to lean to one or the other.  Our bi polarization does not allow people to believe in both.  While I am close to defining myself as an atheist, I think for those who are religious there can be a connection between both.  I am excited to see the way this show explores the dark territories with both.

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