Monday, October 1, 2012

Seth MacFarlane Named Oscar Host for 2013

Throughout the 2000s the Academy Awards have seen a variety of hosts.  From the Steve Martin and Billy Crystal stylings to Jon Stewart and Chris Rock.  Let's just try to forget about Ann Hathaway and James Franco.  Today the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has announced that Seth MacFarlane creator of Family Guy, America Dad, and writer/director for this year's hit film Ted will host the Academy Awards.

I would say that this choice falls within the Chris Rock/Jon Stewart category, bold, but not an outrageous concept.  MacFarlane has not done much award show hosting (televised that is); he however was the first host for this year's first episode of Saturday Night Live, and did a fantastic job.  MacFarlane was also a recent presenter at this year's Emmy Awards.  Here are the things I have learned from both his Saturday Night Live stint, his job as an Emmy presenter, and his other work that will be great for the Oscars:

1) MacFalane is great at not only voice work (like within his animated series) he is also great at impressions.  I hope his Ryan Lochte comes to the Oscars.

2) Although I had always known he was a good singer, I am excited to see what his blend of Comedy/musical talent will bring to the Oscars.

3) He does not follow the norm/rules, it was clear he did not go to rehearsal for presenting at the Emmy Awards he made a big flub

4) More importantly he is clever and thinks quickly on his feet and provided some great laughs when he presented.

5) His loves using popular culture references, and uses them well, which will be great fodder for the Oscars

MacFarlane is a smart choice in my book; he will bring in audience that may not typically watch the show without lowering the quality of the humor (too much).  I think this a bold choice, and proves that AMPAS is willing to step outside the box, and change things up.

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