Thursday, May 24, 2012

Season (Series) Finales the Best and the Worst (Spoilers Inside)

Worst Reality Show FinaleThe Voice/American Idol (tie)-I only regularly watched The Voice, I never watched Idol, but all both shows have a hit a point where once the competition begins the excitement is lost.  As The Voice was narrowed down to fewer and fewer contestants the I got more and more bored because the show seems to focus more on the judges bickering.  Idol picked another white boy who plays a guitar?  Will this show realize there is a problem?  Jennifer Lopez is selfish and wants more money for doing nothing.  The problem with these shows and the reason they are bad is that the judges/hosts takeover. Time to go away, or re-tool, in a major way.

Best Series Finale

Desperate Housewives- I am only going to count the second part of the two hour episode (couldn't they have just split them into two different weeks?)  The show was fun, and ended perfectly, the same way it began, with friendship, poker, and mysteries of the suburbs.  There were a lot of great scenes referencing the first season/episode, and the last scene with Susan driving past the dead residents of Wisteria Lane, was haunting yet touching.

Biggest Letdown 

How I Met Your Mother-I love this show, but I am tired of the run around.  The show runners need to get their act together and just take a direct path to meeting the mother, which is the so called point of this show.  I get that they like to focus on Barney, because he became so popular, but honestly the ending left me unsatisfied. Throughout the whole episode I became comfortable in the fact that Barney was going to pick Quinn even though I figured it would be Robin.  I was happy Barney had moved on and of course the pull the old switcheroo.  This show needs to move forward I feel like I have been stuck seeing the same thing.

Best Musical Show Finale

Smash-The show got back to the roots.  The first few episodes of this show were good because they were about the production, the middle got bogged down in drama in everyone's personal, but the last few episodes did a boomerang to make the last episode the best of the season.  Smash had energy, and made things come together for the test run in Boston.

Worst Season Finale (Comedy)

30 Rock-This show has lost its spunk.  I am glad season seven is the last because this season has devolved into something I hoped it would not, something less funny.  Jack's story with Avery was awful, the live episodes was solid enough, but could not save the season.  I love you 30 Rock but this was your worst season, and the finale did not help.  This was the worst for me because the show proved that even their writing could not save their bad story lines (I love you Tina).
Worst Season Finale  (Drama)
Grey's Anatomy-The finale made me want to re-watch all of the seasons and catch up (but only because I missed Bailey and Christina).  The death of Lexie Grey was so quick and sudden I barely had time to process.  At the half  way point I said "Was that real? Did that happen?  Did she die that quick without any payoff?"  While I applaud Rhimes for making her death more realistic, in a television drama you can take some liberties; she was a major character in the shows history and I feel like her death was handled poorly.

Meant to Be

Best Season Finale (Comedy)

Parks and Recreation-The buildup for Leslie Knope's city council campaign was done incredibly well, and in the end she lost, but then won with a recount.  The episode was the perfect combination of humor and touching moments.  The characters have continued to develop and find their place, like Andy potentially being a cop.  I think this show has great character, and ended perfectly.

Best Season Finale (Drama and Of the Season)

Revenge-This is how you end a season!! This show slowed down a little in the middle and after the hiatus, but ran on full cylinders in the finale. Emily  and Daniel are done, look for her former best friend Ashley to knock boots with Daniel next season! Emily kicked some ass with the WHM, and thankfully saved Nolan.  Fake Amanda is pregnant with Jack's baby (I don't think its real or it's not Jack's baby).  Then to top it all off Queen Grayson (Victoria) and her friend Lydia get on a plane, and the plane explodes, was Victoria on the plane?  Charlotte sees the news takes too many pills and her father comes in to try and save her.  Then to top it all off Nolan shows Em a video and says her mother is alive...boom ends.  Jam packed action and suspense, way to go!

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