Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Complex Pop Culture's List of the Top Ten Actors who Always Play the Same Character, and the Danger of Lists

10-Zooey Deschanel "Cute quirky chick"
9-Adam Sandler "lewd man-child"
8-Loretta Devine "matronly den mother"
7-Steven Seagal"zen bad ass occasional mumbler"
6-Helena Bonham Carter "eccentric if not bat shit crazy woman"
5-Jason Stratham "good at killing and or driving stoic British"
4-Johnny Depp "eccentric hero"
3-Leslie Mann "suburban MILF"
2-Michael Cera "awkward yet affable teenage geek"
1-Paul Walker "bland action hero"

Lists can be dangerous, many journalists, pop culture outlets, and fans, and myself create lists of the best worst or something out there.  This is one of those lists that's out there, and while I found it on Perez Hilton's website it's not going to be a list many are talking about.  The reason too many inane lists, from too many sources.  Lists like these put the concept of "listing" out of style.  The fact that I am re-posting this list does give the list a little more traction, but not enough to make this a viable hot topic.

This is a pretty solid list. 9 out of these ten actors work regularly these days (except Seagal), and they do play to these types more likely than not. I might also take away Paul Walker although he does represent the bland pretty boy who does not have the acting chops, and is forced into the "bland action hero" role.

I might rearrange the list as well placing Paul Walker and Leslie Mann closer to the bottom, and moving Adam Sandler and Johnny to the front of the class.  Yet this is my opinion, and proves the problem with lists, they are opinion based.  Yet lists can be fun.  This one is fun mainly because it points out the generic roles people play and how they tend to not break their traditional form.

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