Monday, May 21, 2012

Best Title Sequences (TV Drama)

Last watching watching two shows made me think about just how brilliant and key a good title sequence can be to a television show, from the music to the imagery title sequences add something to the television show experience.  Last night watching Game of Thrones title sequence had me excited for what was to come.  The show's title sequence "changes" every week, the changes show you new places, or just places where the show is going to take place in tonight's episode, brilliant!  Then there is Mad Men's falling executive, and the brilliant score.  Together these are two of the most recent title sequences to grace television, and they are also two of the best of all time.

Most of the shows on my list are more recent television series.  Television dramas have evolved throughout the years, they are smarter, and sometimes (most recently) better than the films being released.  As the quality of television drama has evolved so has the title sequence for shows. The oldest show on my list is The X-Files, and the most recent is American Horror Story from 2012.  These title sequences feel a part of the show, the build up the intensity or are not to be missed.  These title sequences have become sleeker, prettier, and made the viewer remember just score without lyrics (for the most part) this is a rare challenge.  Here is a list of the best title sequences (in alphabetical order).

American Horror Story 



Game of Thrones

Mad Men

Six Feet Under 

The Sopranos 

True Blood 

The X-Files

The Wire 

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