Tuesday, May 29, 2012

June Movies to See and Skip!

May was a bit of a bust, The Avengers is on track to beating The Dark Knight, and maybe even Titanic at the box office.  The perk was that it is a great film.  I wisely skipped Dark Shadows, Battleship, and a bunch of the other bland films.  Men in Black III was shockingly better than the preview made it appear to be, and I was glad to see Will Smith back in movies; he really is a great modern day star I enjoy watching.

June looks the be the most promising summer month.  There appears to be a great film opening every weekend, which makes incredibly happy.  Here is a week by week analysis with June's great prospects, and some of the future Razzie nominees, Adam Sandler will be back again.

June 1st 
Snow White and the Huntsman

With two movies about Snow White this year and the television series Once Upon a Time centering on the fairytale princess Snow White; she is seeing a lot of play this year.  I have to say the television show did not do it for me, and Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts looked bland, but this version looks dark/fun.  I am not excited about Kristen Stewart as the the title character, but Charlize Theron as the wicked queen is enough to get me into the theatre. See it!

June 8th 
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

I am beyond excited for Prometheus, this is the film I am most excited about this month (and there is a movie about male strippers).  The Prometheus trailer is one of the best for the year so far, it really builds a thrilling experience that makes the viewer want to see the film.  I am always baffled how these animated features make it to a third or fourth film.  The massive campaign in theatres is brilliant, and looks charming but the preview proves otherwise.

June 15th 
Rock of Ages
That's My Boy

I had no desire to see Rock of Ages on the broadway stage, but there is something about the preview and the cast that makes me excited about this film.  I have been singing 80s rock this past week.  Adam Sandler has made another crap film, and That's my Boy proves this "star" is on auto pilot; he will continue to isolate his audience and push people away.

June 22nd
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
To Rome with Love

Pixar has finally centered one of their films on a strong female character (it's about time), I am intrigued to see this film, and Pixar can usually do no wrong, but Cars and Cars 2 prove they have their duds.  Is this a dud?  The trailer reminds me more of Disney film than a Pixar film.  Another vampire film?  This one looks just plain bad, that's my simple analysis.  Woody Allen was on fire with Paris last summer, and Rome looks to be a fun adventure as well.  The Woodman is on fire (hopefully).

June 29th 
Magic Mike
Beasts of the Southern Wild 
Take this Waltz

What a week!  So much variety.  Magic Mike looks terrible, but a movie about male strippers, I hate to say it but i have to see it.  Seth McFarlene finally makes it to the big screen, and his first venture has Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and McFarlene voicing a dark teddy bear, I am there.  Beasts of the Souther Wild is a Cannes favorite that looks beautiful.  Seth Rogen and the lovely Michelle Williams battle with a struggling relationship in this film.

See it: Snow White in the Huntsman, Prometheus, Rock of Ages, Brave, To Rome with Love, Ted, Beasts of the Southern Wild
Skip it: Madagascar 3, That's My Boy, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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