Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Memoriam: Whitney Houston (A Tribute to Her Best Work)

Yesterday at around 3:55 PST Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room by her mentor and close friend Clive Davis.  While Whitney had her ups and downs and many have talked about her good moments and and not great moments.  I am going to change my in memoriam up at this time.  The goal is to celebrate their life and highlight someone's accomplishments.

Whitney Houston produced some great music for the masses; she is actually only female on the sales charts for the top ten albums of all time, with the soundtrack to The Bodyguard.  Ms. Houston comes from music royalty her mother was a gospel singer Cissy Houston, her aunt Dionne Warwick, and her godmother Aretha Franklin.  The Guinness Book of World Records cites her as the most award female artist of all time with numerous Grammy's, Emmy's American Music Awards, and Billboard Awards.  I would say her crowning achievement were her her 6 Grammy wins, one of which was an album of the year prize for The Bodyguard Soundtrack (she was nominated three times in this category.)

While out out a bar last night they played Whitney every fifteen minutes, and it reminded me of all of her wonderful music contributions to the world here are my favorite musical moments from Ms. Houston, your wonderful voice will be missed.

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)"

You never forget your first and this was my first memory of Ms. Houston's voice.  This is potentially my favorite song she has because of how fun it is!

"How Will I Know"

Damn this girl had pipes another fun pop dance song that just makes me smile when I hear it, and think about dancing around in my apartment.

"Run to You" "I Have Nothing" "Queen of the Night" "I Will Always Love You"

These four songs all appear on The bodyguard Soundtrack, and I remember being obsessed with this soundtrack as a young child; she had such an emotionally powerful voice, and ruled with strong vocals.

"When You Believe"

Two divas one song, Mariah Carey and Whiney Houston knock this song out of the park!  This song won an Oscar that's how great it was!

"It's Not Right but It's Ok"

Whitney's anthem for the clubs today; she was changing with the times, and let me tell you that last night every one attempted to hit her high note as they were on the dance floor.

These are only some of my favorite songs, but they have left a mark on me, and I will never forget just how amazing her voice was.

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