Sunday, February 5, 2012

Famous Super Bowl Commercials and the Marketing

This year many of the Super Bowl ads have been virally released prior to the big game.  I can't remember this happening in years past.  I have seen at least two or three that have been leaked, like the commercial with Matthew Broderick in a Ferris Buller's Day Off reprisal.  Part of the fun within watching the Super Bowl is funny commercials, and talking about them the next day at work.  While I love the internet I can't help but think that pre-releasing commercials ruins the fun.  I am sure there will still be a bunch of commercials that will have everyone talking tomorrow, but if this continues this will be a huge culture shift with commercials.

Today people often use their Tivo or DVR to fast forward through commercials,but many people look forward to them during this game.  Commercials have become a cultural part of this specific sports event, and launched major ad campaigns for companies. Prior to my recollection there were numerous Super Bowl commericals but here are some of the most memorable for me.

1991-Ray Charles for Diet Pepsi "You Got the Right One Baby"-People were laughing and singing this all the time!! It was a catchy add that helped keep Pepsi on the mind of the public (Coke has taken over).

1992-Cindy Crawfors-Pepsi-With the song "Just One Look" there are young boys ogling the new pepsi can, with the beautiful Cindy Crawford.  This was another score for Pepsi and help Crawford become even more of a house hold name.

1993-Jordan vs. Bird-McDonalds-The two of the greatest players on the court fighting it out for a Big Mac was genius, and not that McDonalds needs much helps, but this commercial had everyone talking!

1995- Budweiser "Frogs"-In the debate today many claim the Super Bowl to be a show about family but numerous Viagra and beer commercials I beg to differ, but this commercial just had everyone immitating those damn frogs, and I was only 11!

I hate to say it but after this my memory has become foggier, and even in the recent years commercials have not been the same as they used to be, in my mind because they mean something different today, and their meaning has evolved since their inception.  Viral marketing works better, hence why companies are working harder to put more things out over the internet today, or to start by leaking things on the internet.  It seems as though companies are afraid to take the risk (and I can't blame them) so they are leaking their material prior to the big game to build up the buzz.  I hope to see some great commercials tonight, and watch an amazing game.  Go Giants!  I will leave you with my favorite most recent Super Bowl Commercial that includes Betty White and a Snickers from 2010

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