Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Favorite Television Couples

After watching Pam and Jim get married in the episode "Niagara" it made me cry, smile, and just fell allwarm inside!  I made a list of my favorite film couples of all time, and now since my blog has expanded to all things pop culture, I figured I should pick my favorite TV couples of all time as well.  There is no surprise that Jim and Pam are easily my favorite on screen couple of all time, but the other interesting factors about my favorite couples is that most of them are from situation comedies.

1-Jim and Pam (The Office USA-NBC)  Their storybook romance is infamous to people who don't even watch the show.  In season one and two it was apparent that doe eyed receptionist Pam and the paper salesman Jim had eyes for each other, but their strong friendship, and Pam being engaged prevented this from happening.  After Pam and Jim kissed at the end of season two and Jim was rebuffed he moved to Connecticut.  Finally at the end of season 3 their was an offer on a date and my favorite couple started their courtship that would end up with their nuptials in Niagara Falls and then Pam giving birth to their first child.

Jim[regarding Pam's father] What did he say? Is it my fault?
Pam: Yeah. He said that you told him how much you love me. About how you feel when I walk in a room. And about how you've never doubted for a second that I'm the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. I guess he's never felt that way about my mom, even at their best.
Jim: You okay?
Pam: Yeah. [Cut to talking head] When you're a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are going to be right about that.

I may have The Office on the brain but I have several other favorite television couples here are the rest:

2-Buffy Summers and Angel-Buffy the Vampire Slayer (WB) I know most Buffy fans enjoy the Buffy and Spike pairing more (which was fun) and similar the relationship of Sookie and Eric Northman in True Blood, former enemies become lovers, but I love Buffy and Angel.  I remember watching their first interactions and realizing there was something more to Angel (of course he was a vampire), but their chemistry was white hot.  Buffy was tasked with killing vampires, but Angel was different and they fell in love.  There was also the season when Angel became a bad vampire and Buffy had to fight, kill, and send him to hell.  I think I remember sobbing when that happened.  In their epic battle Buffy plunges a sword into her beloved because she has to kill him in order to let him go, the tears stream down her face and she lives town on a bus without a word to any of her friends.  This was one of my favorite shows growing up, and my second favorite pairing.

3-Claire and Cliff Huxtable-The Cosby Show (NBC) Their chemistry was impeccable; she was this smart attorney who was well like by everyone and was put together while he was this goofy doctor who was great with young kids, and couldn't fix anything.  Throughout the the show they talked about their courtship and how everyone was amazed Cliff got Claire, but their love goes beyond what people think. These two characters show true deep emotional care for one another and Phyllicia Rashad and bill Cosby had some amazing chemistry.  In the last episode as the two of them looked with pride at their son graduating from college and danced on screen I knew these two characters would leave a lasting impact on television history and myself.  To this day (and when I was younger) I always said I wanted them to be my parents, and I think that is a testament to the proof that I understand their "love" for one another.

4-Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper-The Wonder Years (ABC) Young love at its best!  No show has
ever been able grasp what young love means as well as this show.  The turmoil of the 60s helps set up the back the story but this young love transcends the time period.  I loved watching their love grow and change throughout the years, and how adolescence and growing up can change love.  You want these two to end up together, but you realize that as they grow up or as young people grow up they develop, change, and become different people.

724a.jpg5-Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing-Friends (NBC)-Everyone always focuses on Ross and Rachel, but in the end the show did a much better job bringing Monica and Chandler together.  When these two accidentally drunkenly slept together at the end of season five, I was shocked!  Looking back there were some signs of chemistry, but the writers created this brilliant idea to construct this couple and it worked.  The flashbacks also made it worth watching, when Monica heard Chandler calling her fat and then one year later Monica's plan for revenge forced him to lose his pinky toe.  Their hilarious back story helped provide great context for their story. With their wedding and the quest to have a baby these two created a lasting funny and beautiful memory about how love is not perfect and how you have to work hard to be with someone.

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