Thursday, October 24, 2013

Performer to Watch: Brie Larson

About a month ago I went to see Don Jon, under rated film check it out: her is the link to my review: ( While the films quality did not surprise me, there was one performance which caught me off guard.  Don's sister Monica (Larson) has the most priceless faces throughout the whole film, without speaking.  There is a moment towards the end where Monica sticks up for her brother and the changes she is making, those few sentences of dialogue along with the expressions from Larson are proof this girl has talent and is on the rise as a true star.

Don Jon was not the first time I had seen Ms. Larson, she has been around as younger actress since 1998. Larson had supporting roles in television on shows like Touched by an Angel, and Hope and Faith; she also had small roles in film like 13 Going on 30.

While most of these were small roles Brie Larson started to get larger roles; she was a main character on The United States of Tara, for the three years the show was on the air.  Based on her career there is no surprise that Brie Larson fit well within the lexicon of the world of Diablo Cody who created Tara.  The show and Larson were a treasure, and pointed out her knack for dry comedic moments.

While in the world television Larson starred in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, as Scott's ex Envy Adams, along with Greenburg from director Noah Baumbauch.  Larson is more of an indie darling than a mainstream player at the moment.  Larson's most mainstream film to date was the remake of television series 21 Jump Street with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Yet this year seems to be the year of Brie Larson, including her role in Don Jon, she also starred in The Spectacular Now, and Short Term 12.  Short Term 12 earned her a Best Actress nomination at the Gotham Awards today, and has garnered her and the film a lot of attention.

As you look at her upcoming projects it is apparent that Brie Larson is going to take the current indie film market by storm; she is a great actress, and is a performer to watch.

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