Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Grades for New Television Shows

Every year when the Fall shows arrive there is both anticipation, and a hesitancy.  Anticipation that you will get to experience something new and cool.  Hesitancy to get attached to something that ABC may just cancel, sorry I am not over the cancellation Happy Endings, you put together a crappy line up.  My venting is over, after a few weeks for most shows, and one for some, its time to put together a list of grade for people who are afraid to get attached too quickly.

The Masters of Sex (SHOW)-A

The best new fall series, Showtime has a great show on their hands with great acting writing, and a solid premise.

Mom (CBS)-C+

There is promise here, Farris and Janney are great, but the premise writing could use a little work.  Great one liners, but tries too hard sometimes.  Give it time, and it will find its groove.

Sleepy Hollow (FOX)-B+

Probably my second favorite fall show, and this past week's episode with ties to Dante's Inferno helped set a great direction for this show.  Keep up the great work.

Hostages (CBS)-C+

The premise is thin for me, and while I think its good drama with solid acting, I can't imagine this show stretching into a long running series.

The Blacklist (NBC)-B

James Spader is just plain fun, and while this is merely procedural, procedurals with great characters can have a long lasting impact.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)-B-

Yes I have let go of my fan boy mentality with this show, they got a full season pick up, was their any doubt?  I think the show is standing on solid ground, but needs to move quick, or fan boys will disappear into the gravity machine from last weeks episode.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)-B

Great potential, with a solid ensemble, maybe too many characters?  If you are not a fan of Andy Samburg you will hate this show; he can be very grating.  Andre Braugher is fantastic.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC)-B

ABC should make this last one or two seasons, then close the loop between this and the mothership (Once Upon a Time), I have a feeling because of production costs this will be the case.  The show is intriguing, and intrigued to see where this goes.

The Crazy Ones (CBS)-A-

This is my favorite new comedy of the season, I think the ensemble is great, and while Williams vamps well, so does the rest of the cast, and they have great chemistry.

The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)-C

This show has the talent, but has a long way to go, I think this will be the first show removed from my TiVo, the way The Mindy Project was removed last year, never fulfilling the expectations of the build up.

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