Monday, April 22, 2013

Season (Series) Finale Schedule and Wishful Analysis

Get your DVRs ready folks the Broadcast networks are preparing to end the traditional television season, which what has most commonly been referred to as May sweeps.  In an interesting twist many shows actually ended in April or will be ending this week.

NBC shows The New Normal, which had a wedding and baby ended on April 2nd,  Go On ended April 11th, with a few episodes on Thursday nights further confusing fans and proving NBC has no idea how to put together a solid schedule.

Unlike NBC, the other "major networks are only ending one show each during this time, the CW had The Carrie Diaries (a midseason replacement) end on April 11th, ABC had Suburgatory end on 17th (another scheduling challenged network).

CBS will say end The Good Wife next Sunday on April 28th with a gubernatorial election for Peter and Alicia sucking face with Will.  I also think Alicia will join Carrie and they may both potentially leave Lockheart/Gardener.  The Good Wife traditionally leaves the air in April. FOX will also be ending Bones on April 29th, I do not watch so my comments are of course limited.

There are obviously cable and pay cable finales, but these never fit within that traditional September to May calendar season, but Shameless, Project Runway, Dallas, Spartacus, and Cougar Town have either ended this month or will be ending this week.

I guess I have to apologize in advance but I do not watch much CBS, so there is not much on here about that network.

One the main or may events!

May 1

The Americans (F/X) While this show did not strike my fancy I have heard good things, and I think it's great to see F/X doing so well!


Parks and Recreation (NBC) This year's finale does not have the same build up as last year, but that's alright!  Parks and Recreation has been knocking it out of the park.  Their development of all their characters and their growth is fantastic with keeping the core intact.

May 9th

Glee (FOX) While I have not faithfully watched this season, the show is a roller coaster of emotions, no not the story lines per say, but the back forth of I hate the the new folks, I love New York, no i like the new folks, why are they even in New York?  This show just got two more seasons, time pack it in!

Community (NBC) In what will very likely be the shows series finale (I wish last year's episode was) this show should use the cliche dream sequence because this year has just been bad, and I am going to pretend this season did not happen.  I miss you Dan Harmon!

May 12th

Once Upon a Time (ABC) The scene Regina versus Snow, who is this Tamara chick, and will Rumple go after his own grandson?  Once has not been as good as last year, but hopefully they tie things up rather than unravel too much.

Revenge (ABC) ABC has ADD with their shows they start with all this promise and the POOF nothing.  This is the case with the should have only been one season Revenge.  This season has been a big who cares!  Something will happen with initiative, Emily is getting engaged to Daniel again, come on folks lets get to more crossing people out with sharpies.

May 13th

How I Met Your Mother  (CBS) The wedding better happen, and I better get a glimpse of the mother, that's all I have to say!

May 14th

New Girl (FOX) There is no way CeeCee is going to make it down the alter, is she?  Schmidt and CeeCee belong together.  Excited to see more exploration of Jess and Nick, their first date was hilarious.

May 15th

Arrow (CW) One of the most entertaining first year shows of the 2012-2013 television season.  Interested to see how the will leave this show hanging.

May 16th 

American Idol (FOX) Spoiler alert, a woman will win.  Oh wait there are only women left.  Time to put this show out to pasture, who cares about any of these judges.

The Office (NBC) I am getting misty that this show is going to be ending forever this year.  I need the Pam and Jim fighting to end, I would like to see Michael back even if briefly.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC) What will Shonda do does she have something shocking planned?  I think after last year's ending this one will be way calmer.  My hope is good news for Meredith and her baby.

Scandal (ABC) I am intrigued to see where Olivia and the President will go next, I like the way Shonda amps up the drama.  Will Olivia be bested by Scott Foley's character, with her team not likely but who is working with the terrorist and why?

The Vampire Diaries (CW) So who is left on this show?  With a spin off and the end of high school on the horizon I am intrigued where this show is heading next.

May 19th

The Cleveland Show  (FOX) Goodbye Cleveland, this is a series finale, will he head back to Family Guy with his family, or is this the end of the permanency of this character?

May 22nd

Modern Family (ABC) Modern Family unlike most shows is more conventional and never has a major end of the year event, although last year they announce Gloria's pregnancy, I would like to see a Cam and Mitch wedding.  

May 25th 

Smash (NBC) I hope this is not the series finale, but maybe it's better for this show to go out on top, and with achieving its purpose.  I like the direction this show has moved toward.

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