Sunday, April 21, 2013

Performer to Watch : Anna Camp

After watching Pitch Perfect for maybe the 10th time (or more) I was struck by someone other than "bigger stars" Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, and Brittany Snow, the person who has stood out to me tonight was Anna Camp.

The first time I saw Camp was in the second season of True Blood as Sarah Newlin.  As Jason explored his hate for vampires with religious zealots he met the Newlins.  Jason wanted to do right by Steve, but the sexual tension between Ryan Kwanton (Jason) and Sarah Newlin (Camp) could be cut with a knife.  Camp was under rated performer in the show, and I am excited for her return this season, even though I think True Blood should have already ended.

Like many of the past performers to watch Camp started out in scene stealing roles in television series along with her role of True Blood, Camp had a long arc of the CBS drama The Good Wife, which helped set out the competitive nature within Alicia.  Camp was was also criminally under used in The Mindy Project this past season, how this show could not properly use her talent is beyond me, and shows the weakness within this television show.

Along with True Blood, Camp has had guest roles in the television series Glee, Mad Men, Love Bites, Vegas, and House of Lies.  Camp's first recognizable film role was a small part in The Help as one of the women was part of Hilly's circle named Jolene.  Pitch Perfect is Camp's largest film role to date, and  her vomiting scene made a mark!

Camp is going to be heavily courted for numerous television shows, watch she may be a part of the fall line up, but at the moment her main projects coming up this year are two films entitled Goodbye to All That, and Autumn Wanderer.  Camp is a performer to watch on the big and small screen, and she deserves it!

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