Friday, March 29, 2013

Pink Closes Her Truth About Love Tour in Boston as she Glitters in the Air

I fell in "love" with Pink the artist with her album I'm Not Dead.  My friend Lauren from college played me the song entitled "Leave Me a Alone (I'm Lonely)" and the song just was so catchy I could not help myself.  I listened to the rest of album, and I just got hooked, on her as an artist.

I used to add her songs from Can't Take Me Home to my mix tapes I made, yes mix tapes.  Songs like "Most Girls" "There You Go" and of course "You Make Me Sick."  I admired the next steps she took and thought she was robbed of an Album of the Year nomination  for Missundaztood.  This sophomore album was no slump with "Get this Party Started" "Just Like a Pill" "Family Portrait" and many more.  I have to say her third album is where she lost me, namely because her label did not promote her songs the same way they promoted her other albums because she bucked tradition of being a pop princess.

Cut me seeing her in concert for the first time at TD Garden in Boston, besides the awkward opening act (The Hives, who were solid but not something I would choose to see) the show was one of the most entertaining concerts I have attended.  I have to say that if you are a fly by night Pink fan and only wanted to attend because you wanted to "get this party started" get to the back of the line; she did not play the hit.

Pink did open with an impressive acrobatic number and the song "Raise Your Glass." Acrobatics were obviously something she did throughout her show, and these moments not only wow, but they are beyond cool.  Acrobatics is obviously a wide term for what Pink does on the stage but with her most emotional songs like "Try" "Sober" and "Glitter in the Air" there were moments where she was in a giant globe floating in the air or using sheets to create this incredible emotional experience for the audience.

One of the reasons I like Pink as an artist is that she is a truly genuine person, what you see is what you get, and this is apparent in her performance.  While starting to do her acoustic set with of the songs "Who Knew" and "Fucking Perfect" Pink walked around signing this for fans in the audience, was given gifts and talked about her ability to draw a smoking frog on skates.

Pinks show is flawless; she has set a standard for "pop" acts to take things to the next level, and that you can't just phone it in (Britney).  Pink's extending her US tour date in the late fall and winter, and if you did not get to see her this time, see her then, or see her again, because this show was out of this world amazing!

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