Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jumping the Shark Part 3: Revenge of the Sitcom, Drama, and Beyond

Revenge (2011-Present) Remember when Emily Thorne had a list and she crossed names out on the list?  The show was about revenge, and the simplicity of her avenging her father's death, and then enter the initiative.  This season has had a few episode which brought out some of those traditional things which made the first season great, but I hate to say I was right, but I was right.  This simple show about revenge should have a short shelf life, but the creator is stretching out the concept too thin, and not focusing enough on the basics.  I loved the simple red sharpie, and the way each episode Emily/Amanda got revenge on someone who contributed to the downfall of her father.  Emily's mother being alive was wasted, and the shows fans can tell.  Time to keep it simple folks, do not let this show go on too much longer.

American Idol (2002-Present) Whoever the judges are, and whatever beef they have with one another it's time to put this show out of its misery.  The show is no longer relevant, and often feels like a bad karaoke contest.  I am tired of shows like this focusing on the judges and host rather than the actual talent.  This show not about Nicki vs. Mariah, but that's what is has turned into now.  Get this show off the air and put it out of its misery!

Saturday Night Live (1975-Present)-Justin Timberlake can come back as host as many times as you want, but he is not going to save your show forever.  This show has peaks and valleys, but the most recent years beyond some of the strong female talent have proven to be worse than the SNL of the 80s which is saying a lot!  Host after host this season has been atrocious, and only Timberlake could back bring in the ratings and deliver.  Yet it was the weakest of his five past performances because the writing is just plain terrible, and the talent on the show is so lackluster these people would be booed off stage at the Chuckle Hut. This show has jumped the shark many times, but these past few seasons prove more miserable than most.

Family Guy (1999-Present) MacFarlane is slowly becoming one of the most bankable funny men in media, but the television series which put him on the map has lost so much of his time an attention its starting to tarnish his brand a little.  Is the quality of this show preventing him from getting more work, No!  MacFarlane hosted the Oscars, had Ted, and is working on his first non animated sitcom; he is doing just fine.  So who suffers, the original fans of Family Guy because the show is just not funny anymore, and the schtick of the obnoxious talking baby Stewie has worn off.    Time to put this show to bed, and let America love different shows from this comic genius.

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