Monday, March 11, 2013

Dawson's Creek: 10 Years Later, Time for a Reunion

Usually on a monthly basis I pay tribute to great television, not to fault Dawson and his creek, but this post is not about television greatness, but more about a cultural phenomenon.  When Kevin Williamson's Dawson's Creek hit the air back in 1998 it was following on the coat tails of the other high school drama, Beverly Hills 90210.  Williamson's blend of humor, teens who talked to quickly for their own good, and angst created one of the most popular teen dramas of the last decade.  The show's main buy in came from love triangles and a main cast of four, and others who came along for the ride.  My friend Caitlin always helps me to re-visit my past; she did this while I was in graduate school with Felicity, and now a couple years later with Dawson's Creek!

Let's take a look at 10 years later where the cast, and creator are and what they have and have not done:

Kevin Williamson-The creator and real life Dawson.  Beyond Dawson's world Williamson is also famous for writing one of the most popular horror film series, Scream.  Williamson lives mainly within the world of television where he works on another major hit television series the former WB now CW show The Vampire Diaries, and new Kevin Bacon series this spring The Following.  Williamson has knack for creating good television drama, and has helped further develop multiple worlds within television.

James Van Der Beek-Dawson Leary himself was always my least favorite character in the series, and his wooden portrayal never thrilled me, but how can you the Creek without Dawson.  While on the show he landed a sweet movie gig with the often quoted Varsity Blues, but he never really got much out of the movies.  After the Creek ended Van Der Beek did mostly small guest work in television series, and never landed another major role until last spring with the now shelved Don't Trust the B___ in Apt. 23.  One of the funniest parts of this series is that Van Der Beek played himself in the series, and was pretty hilarious.

Katie Holmes-Joey Potter was the girl next door, and while part of the Capeside gang she tried her hand at a variety of film roles, including Wonderboys, Go, Pieces of April, The Gift, and Teaching Mrs. Tingle.  For the most part Holmes tried to shed her Joey skin with small indie films, and most of them were pretty good.  After Dawson wrapped Holmes landed two major roles the much maligned first portrayal of Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins, and Mrs. Tom Cruise.  While being married to Tom, and giving birth to a daughter Holmes rarely took film or television roles.  Since the divorce she has started taking more roles, from film to theatre, and something tells me we will see more of her, most likely on our television screens.

Joshua Jackson-Pacey Witter the bad boy extraordinaire and goofball.  Jackson had a small childhood acting career prior to Dawson with the Mighty Ducks franchise, but it was the Creek which got him heart throb status.  Jackson had some film roles in films like The Skulls and Urban Legend, but he never landed the roles you would expect from him.  Pacey Witter did not garner any major roles until the cult FOX television series Fringe, which lasted from 2008 until 2013.  Something tells me Jackson will be back on television screens soon enough.

Michelle Williams-Moving beyond the original trio Jen Lindley was the bad girl from New York who shook up everyone's lives, and her death at the end of the series was one of the biggest tear jerkers in television history.  Williams is the most successful of the cast post the Creek.  Williams has been nominated for three Oscars for the films Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine, and My Week with Marilyn.  Williams won the Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award for Marilyn; she was fantastic in the role.  Williams has hit it out of the park in other small indie films like Wendy and Lucy, and Take this Waltz; she also recently starred in the major motion picture Oz the Great and Powerful.  Of all the graduates of this show she is most successful.

Outside the Central Characters 

Kerr Smith-Jack McPhee came into the picture in the second episode of the second season as a side to his sister's character Andy, but lasted the longest of the non original younger characters.  After Dawson Kerr has not done much, but small limited television series like Life Unexpected, Eli Stone, and Justice, but nothing impactful.

Mary Beth Peil- Evel 'Grams' Ryan-Grams is one of my favorite characters from this series; she was the central heart of the adult characters within this world.  Peil is a Broadway baby and has done many plays including Follies.  Yet Peil is best known at the moment for her recurring guest role as Chris Noth's mother on The Good Wife.

Meredith Monroe-Andie McPhee-The know it all who showed it the second seasons ended up cracking under the pressure on the Creek, and her career has not had much impact.  Monroe has mainly had small guest starring roles on television series, and one larger role in Criminal Minds.

Busy Phillips-Audra Lidell-Real life BFF of Michelle Williams has made a major splash in television in a post Dawson world on shows like ER, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and now the comedy Cougartown.  Phillips is a comedic genius, and will be another Creek star to make it even further.

This show was an important part of my teenage cultural life, and I hope this group comes back together to bring more life to Capeside!


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Here goes another fucking let's bash josh, James, Katie and everyone else's careers just to make Michelle look better article. Fuck you asshole.

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Actually if you read this article it highlights what everyone has, and hate to breast you Michelle Williams has had the best career. Holmes' great career During the Creek is highlighted.

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Go to hell asshole.