Friday, March 30, 2012

Madonna Continues Her Evolution/Sticks with her Roots with MDNA

Madonna-MDNA (3 1/2 out of 5)

In a post divorce world Madonna's new album has much more depth, that takes her silky pop music to new levels.  Of the 16 tracks on the album 7 of them are about her divorce. 

One of her track I Fucked Up starts with an almost apologetic nature  "I fucked up, I made a mistake,Nobody does it better than myself, I'm sorry, I'm not afraid to say I wish I could take it back, But I can't,I'm so ashamed, You're in so much pain, I blamed you when things didn't go my way, If I didn't, you'd be here, If I didn't fight back, I'd have no fear,If I took another path, things would be so different, But they're not, I 'coulda just kept my big mouth closed, I 'coulda just done what I was told, Maybe I should of turned silver into gold,But in front of you I was cold."
While there are also moments where pain becomes anger with track like Some Girls stating that Guy Ritchie Madonna's ex should be happy with his new woman with her fake tits, and the clear message of the song is just simply you will never find a girl as good as me.

While most of the album does have an emotional heart wrenchingdetails of her divorce and her search for new love the album explores the evolution of the traditional Madonna blended with the new dance/electronica genre of  today.  As some people may scoff that Madonna may sound like Avril Lavigne in her collaboration with Nikki Minaj and M.I.A. (which is somewhat true).  I think the she also holds true to not leaving her own pop style behind.  Madonna is working with William Orbit after he has been missing in action from her work from the last 12 years.  Her work with duo Orbit "Gang Bang " which has this great fun feeling like all of her old music.  Orbit helps Madonna let out even more anger with this track attacking Ritchie's shoot em movies, using a Kill Bill style sound which is flawless.

The club tracks can often have their hallow sounds while Madonna does not just with Orbit but also with Martin Solveig on "Give Me All Your Luvin" which does allow him to use his own talents, but rather curbs his style to sounding like William Orbit.  The other problem is that the work of other people like Benny and Alle Benassi put some hallow tracks "Girls Gone Wild" while these two songs can be incredibly fun they often lose the drive and deeper meaning of the album.

Yet with some flaws Madonna has seemed to find the balance between creating something new and sticking to a style that is truly her own.  This is her best work since Confessions on a Dance Floor in 2005, and Madonna knows how to create excellent pop music.  Even her music video below shows that Madonna is rooted in her past and should never work away from what makes her a great artist.

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