Sunday, March 18, 2012

Breakthrough Performer of March: Felicity Jones

While Like Crazy was released last year I did not get to watch it until today.   The film appears to be still something under the radar as well, but I have a feeling that this film will gain strong word of mouth and will become a popular film. One of the stars of the film is Felicity Jones Felicity Jones who plays Anna one of the co-leads.  While the film is about two young people struggling to get through the motions of their relationship Jones is the clear standout.

While I have seen other films Jones has done like Cheri (2009) and Brideshead Revisited (2008) none of her work has made her stand out quite like this film.  In Like Crazy her role as Anna is incredibly compelling.  The film shows Anna through different stages from her time as a student in a class to being a mature woman and journalist in England trying to balance her relationship with Jacob (Anton Yelchin) who lives in the L.A..  Jones portrayal of Anna is heartbreaking; she loves Jacob so much she decides to stay in the States even though her Visa would not allow it.  When she attempts to travel again she is prevented from coming back to America and exiled back to the UK which puts an incredible strain on their relationship.  This relationship cuts at true raw emotion, and there are moment where you get lost in Jones performance unlike any performance.  Picking one moment is almost impossible, but one that resignates with me was when she tries to date someone else and he buys her a chair to replace the one from Jacob her face says that her love with Jacob is not over.  As the film draws to an end you feel a complete emotional journey for these two people.

Felicity Jones won the Breakthrough Performer at Gotham and the National Board of Review awards and she also won a Special Grand Jury Prize for acting at Sundance.  This girl has incredible career ahead of her.  While most of her work has been in television doing things for Masterpiece, and mini-series The Diary of Anne Frank (2009).  Jones has also starred in The Tempest opposite Helen Mirren (2010).  This performance is going to launch her into stardom.  This year she has two films set to be released, Cheerful Weather for a Wedding opposite Elizabth McGovern about a girl who gets cold feet about her wedding.  The second film has yet to  be given a title, but she will working the director from Like Crazy, Drake Doremus.  Look for that film to be another major vehicle for her.  I think she will also get a lot of attention for the 2013 film directed by Ralph Fiennes entitle The Invisible Woman, which is about Charles Dickens mistress; she plays the mistress.

This girl has talent and her role in Like Crazy will likely be a terrific launch for a wonderful career.

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