Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dream Emmy Ballot 2015: Outstanding Directing and Writing in a Drama Series

Breaking Bad left a void that needed to be filled, and it seems like another final season 
from an AMC show was up to the task.  While the first two or three episodes of Mad Men's final season were a bit off, the home stretch was of the best television this year.  Jared Harris played Lane Price in front of the camera for a few seasons, but it was his work off camera that began the major shift in tone for this season.  "Time & Life" ushered in the end the agency, and the beginning to closure for this show.  In the writing department Person to Person credited solely to series creator Matthew Weiner was one of the best series finales of all time with more closure than expected.  The finale drove me into the place I wanted to be when this show came to a close, their was heart, humor, and Don as a vulnerable human.  This show was a masterpiece, and these two episodes are shining examples of brilliant television.

As one show ends, many new shows found their groove, Better Call Saul (AMC), Empire (FOX), Daredevil (Netflix), The Affair (Showtime), and Transparent (Amazon).  This is the most new blood (show wise) I have included in my dream ballot since the year 24, Alias, Six Feet Under, and The Shield premiered.  Each of the new shows this year were special in their own way, but the show that struck the largest cord with me was Transparent.

Before I delve deeper into the emotionally complex show, about about a person fully realizing their identity, I will state that I consider Transparent a drama.  Like Orange is the  New Black last year, I will buck Emmy category placement, and say that Transparent has some funny moments, but in the in end it should be placed in the drama categories, but that's my person opinion.  Transparent is a brilliant show starring Jeffrey Tambor as Maura.  Tambor was born male with body parts, but over the course of his life starts to identify as a woman.  Tambor's journey as this character allows audiences to see the heartfelt struggle of coming out trans, while dealing with other aspects of life, like family, friends, work, love, and many other things.  I can't wait to continue this journey with Maura.

Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series
Daredevil-Daredevil-Steven S. DeKnight
Empire-Pilot-Lee Daniels
Game of Thrones-The Dance of Dragons-David Nutter
Mad Men-Time & Life-Jared Harris
Orange is the New Black-Thirsty Bird-Jodie Foster
Transparent-Pilot-Jill Solloway

Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series
Transparent-The Wilderness-Jill Solloway
The Americans-Stingers-Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg
The Affair-1-Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi
Mad Men-Person to Person-Matthew Weiner
Orange is the New Black-We Have Manners, We’re Polite-Jenji Kohan
The Good Wife-Oppo Research-Robert and Michelle King

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