Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Movies to See and to Skip

After another dull month besides The LEGO Movie or if you needed to catch up on any of the nominated Oscar films, which many left the theatres too quickly there was not much to see.  Can March break the winter dry spell, there is a chance audiences will be at least excited about more of the films released this month.

March 7th 

300: Rise of an Empire

The first 300 was 8 years ago, and the introduction of Gerard Butler, who's career has waned since.  The first was a great technical achievement, but Zack Snyder is one of my least favorite directors, and his films are too flashy with little substance.  Snyder is not back, and neither is Butler, could this help the film?  I think many will show up and be entertained, I will be skipping it.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

This was one of of my favorite cartoons during Rocky and Bullwinkle, and I feel as though this will be a film that will not need to bank on nostalgia to be successful rather it will be a solid entertaining experience for the whole family.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (NY/LA)

This is the most anticapted film of the month for me.  Wes Anderson is one of my favorite writer/directors.  The reviews from Berlin have been fantastic, and the people who do not like it are one of the Village Voice's resident cranky critics Stephanie Zacharek, and the New York Post's often too conservative Kyle Smith, so I am bound to love it!

Pick of the Month: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Pick of the Week: Mr. Peabody & Sherman

March 14th 

Need for Speed

I am sad that this is Aaron Paul's first non-Breaking Bad role, something that looks like a Fast and the Furious knock off.  This film based on a video game has forced franchise film written all over it.

Veronica Mars

One of the best low rated television series of all time!  Can Bell's star power help catapult this film to success after its Kickstarter campaign?  I have not seen much actual advertising for the film, so they better bank on good word of mouth.

Must Skip of the Week: Need for Speed

March 21st 

Muppets Most Wanted

Almost my most anticipated film of the month, the Muppets were my favorite growing up, and the reboot of this franchise has been great.  They know their audience, and it looks to continue the quality of their last film.


Many studios have tried to enter the young adult to book movie franchise, and there have been success stories like Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games, there has also been Beautiful Creatures, and The Mortal Instruments.  Shailene Woodley is popular, but I think this one falls somewhere in the middle.

Nymphomaniac Volume One

Von Trier is an interesting film maker, he's a love it or hate it kinda guy.  His last film Melancholia was loved by many critics, I personally hated it, but I have loved his other films Dancer in the Dark and Dogville.  I think the trailer looks fascinating, I will watch (see below).

Must See of the Week: Muppets Most Wanted (yeah I am biased)

March 28th 


I admire Darren Aronofsky, he did Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, and The Wrestler; he also did The Fountain.  I have a feeling Noah is more like the latter, its gamble on all levels, and the previews just do not sell this film well.  If anything is helpful, the religious crowds showed up for Son of God, they may show up for this too.


I honestly do not have words, Schwarzenegger is still making these action movies at his age, which is impressive, but isn't time to retire?  

Must Skip of the Month: Sabotage  

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