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Emmy Week (2013) Who Should Have been Nominated?

Every year there are always some gasps about major snubs, and because the Emmy Awards split their categories between drama, and comedy, there are always one or two in each category that should have made the cut in each category, but did not.  Who should have made the cut?

Outstanding Drama Series 
The Good Wife 

The Good Wife was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series for its first two years, but last year it was snubbed, and it became the first year no major broadcast nominees received a nomination.  Wife had a slow start, but built to a terrific finale, and had one of its strongest years creatively.

What would it have replaced, Downton Abbey.  Sorry friends, Downton is good, and addicting drama, but it is not one of the best shows on the air anymore.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Matthew Rhys-The Americans

While the show itself was not amazing, in my opinion the performances from Matthew Rhys and Kerri Russell were out of this world.  Rhys who was great on Brothers & Sisters took things to a whole new level in this show.

Who would he have replaced-Hugh Bonneville-Downton Abbey-While Hugh had a great story line this past season with the death of his daughter and trouble with his marriage he could not hold a candle to the great performance of Rhys.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Tatiana Maslany-Orphan Black

Maslany is a multiple threat, and I mean that literally she plays so many roles on Orphan Black it is hard to keep track of the number.  Maslany is fantastic in all of these roles, and she carried this show on her back with her great performance.

Who would she have replaced-Connie Britton-Nashville-The Emmy Awards have a toner for Britton, and while she deserved her three previous nominations she should have sat this year out.  Nashville is fun, and Britton is great, but Maslany is just miles ahead.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (tie)
Sam Waterston-The Newsroom 

Love or hate the first season of The Newsroom, you can't deny that Charlie Skinner (Waterston) was the heart, which kept this show going.  Waterston is great in this role, and made you feel the passion this man has had for the news all these years.

Who would he have replaced?-Bobby Cannavale-Boardwalk Empire-Again Cannavale is a great actor, and I have admired his career trajectory, but this role was too over the top for me.  I think Waterston's under stated nature grounded his show.

 Corey Stoll-House of Cards

How can you nominate House of Cards for Best Drama, Best Actor, and give it 7 other nominations without a nomination for Corey Stoll.  Stoll was the heart of of this show, and his downward spiral within the DC world of political power was fascinating thanks in great part to this character actor.

Who would he have replaced?-Aaron Paul-Breaking Bad-I know this going to be unpopular, but Paul did not do much at all last season (I would nominate him next year).  In the first half of the last season Jesse Pinkman took a back seat to Mike, and just did not have as much to do; he was still great.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Monica Potter-Parenthood

Potter's cancer story line was one of the most heart wrenching things on television this past year; she was great, and I do not know if there was a moment where the actress did not sell every aspect of dealing with her disease.  What a beautiful performance.

Who would she have replaced-Christina Hendricks-Mad Men-Come on Matthew Weiner Joan is more than window dressing, and you gave her nothing to do this past season.  I get that the show centers around Don, but you lose other characters in the mix, and this year you did not do enough for the talented Ms. Hendricks.

Outstanding Comedy Series
Parks and Recreation

For some reason the Emmy Awards nominated this show one year, and has forgotten about it year after year.  This show continues to be the funniest show on the air, and the Emmy Awards for some reason have not gotten on board with this show.  Leslie Knope come on!

What would this show have replaced-30 Rock-While the show had a great last season, I think Parks never falters the way Rock did, and I would have rather seen the Emmy Awards stop trying to think their cool.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Jake Johnson-New Girl

Nick Miller grew up a little bit, and his relationship with Jess last season was one of the biggest highlights of the season.  Aside from this relationship Nick developed even further, and this is in large part to Jake Johnson's performance.

Who would he have replaced-Matt LeBlanc-Episodes-Another talented actor who has grown, but this show has lost its flavor, and LeBlanc did not do enough to deserve a nomination this time around.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series 
Zooey Deschanel-New Girl

How do you forget this quirky girl?  While the list of six nominees is great this year I can't help but think that without Deschanel there is something missing.  Jess's journey through love, and unemployment this year was touching, and hilarious.

Who would she have replaced-Edie Falco-Nurse Jackie-Falco is a great actress, and the show is solid, but she should have been bumped, because people are just simply voting for her as a name rather than on the talent.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 
Simon Helberg-The Big Bang Theory

How do you ignore Howard ?  Hellberg and the writing have fleshed out this character brilliantly making him less one dimensional hornball and rather a great loving husband, and soon to be father this season.  I am excited to see how that plays out, but there are more men on this show than Parson.

Who would he have replaced-Any of the Modern Family men-Hard to pick, each the show is getting monotonous, and while its hilarious, and good still, they should not have three spots anymore, and its to go in the way of The West Wing, where they fade away slowly.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series 
Jessica Walter-Arrested Development

Binge watching, and the Emmy Awards were not kind to Arrested Development, but Walter should have been nominated, her single episode was one of the best of the season; she is great and one of the best television characters of all time.  How and why did she miss out?

Who would she have replaced-Jane Lynch-Glee-Speaking of character fatigue, love Jane Lynch, but how do these voters see this character as anything but one note now.  Ryan Murphy is the only person to blame, because he had no structure to the progression of his character.  In fact I think he makes things up as he goes, but poor Jane Lynch should not be nominated this year.

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