Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Home for Thanksgiving in your Twenties: Phillip Phillips Edition

One of the songs of the moment comes from recent American Idol alum Phillip Phillips (cool name) entitled "Home."  This is one of the few songs from American Idol that has become a massive hit lasting longer than a week on the billboard charts.  The song has been used in television trailers like Extreme Makeover, the holiday special, and the trailer for the film Silver Linings Playbook.  Songs like this one may be a bit hooky, but at this point in my life it has put things into perspective more than anything.

As I am typing this entry I am listening to this song, and there are two thoughts that come into my my mind, the first has to do with the way people change as they grow, and move away from home, and what their "home" means when they go back.  Going back this year for the first time in months for me has been an emotional journey on many levels.

As I sat in my living room tonight I heard my twenty year old sister talk about her serious boyfriend, and thought for the first time, wow we are no longer children.  This place where we grew up, or partly grew up in my case, and spent many holidays is a different "home."  Throughout the years I my relationship with my family has evolved, and at the moment we may drive each other crazy at times, but there is this undying love for one another as as the lyrics state I "know I am not alone."

The second realization I had is that home takes many forms, and home is something we as people define personally.  Throughout the years I have made many different homes, one on 23 Crestwood Ct. in Albany, one at CW Post for college, one in Ohio for my Master's Degree, and now in Boston.  The people who have been in all of these places have helped me to make my home, and as I am not typically a sappy person this is the most you are going to get from me.  Thanks to the people who have made me feel at home.

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