Saturday, November 3, 2012

Girl Meets Boy? More from Corey and Topanga

Rumors around the internet are stating that Corey Matthews and Topanga Lawrence (Matthews) may be back on television again!  The Disney Channel has stated that it's may be time for everyone to meet Corey and Topanga's daughter.

The show is in early development, and the Disney Channel would wants to get Ben Savgae and Danielle Fishel back to play Corey and Topanga.  Let's hope they bring back Eric and Mr. Feeny as well, because what would this show have been without these two characters.

Nostalgia is running deep these days, more and more networks are playing this game.  Networks are bringing back the old gangs or re-doing a classic brand.  The CW did Melrose Place (failed) and 90210,  and TNT currently has Dallas.

This is an interesting trend, but could also hurt the brand of the original legacy.  Look at the Sex and the City films, the television series was widely regarded, but the films tarnished the brand a little.  The thing going for Girls Meets Boy is the formulaic sitcom element.  This is something that will allow fans to see their favorite stars from the past shows and embark on zany adventures.  Should be fun!

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