Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Show: Go to the Movies to be Enertained!

I love it when I get to go to the movies and see a film that is just enjoyable.  Tonight I went to go see The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew Mcconaughey.  I mentioned this movie to a lot of my friends, but many of them had not heard about it (mostly because there was poor publicity for this film.)  The sad part is this probably one of the most entertaining and enjoyable films I have seen this year.  The plot takes on the chase with Mcconaughey as a bad boy lawyer who you can't help but love.

This made me think about other films that I saw that were just plain enjoyable, but because of either poor marketing, the fact that the film was too small, or other various reasons people don't get to see some or hear about movies until long after they are released in the theatres.  This change in the movie industry also has a lot to do with the changing process of how people are watching movies.  More people are downloading, (I have never done this-I am an avid DVD buyer), watching things on demand on their television or streaming netflix on their computer than ever before.

After thinking about different films that people love there were several that came to my mind that people can quote or talk about on demand but their domestic gross was not incredibly high.  In 2004 there were two films released that you would expect to have huge box office numbers, Mean Girls and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy.  Both films domestic gross was a combined 171 million dollars.  That sounds pretty good, right?  The Day after Tomorrow grossed more than these movies did onto my main point, sometimes the public misses on great movie fun.  Which films have you seen more?  My guess is that more people are watching Ron Burgandy and Mean Girls than The Day after Tomorrow.  With so many lackluster films opening in early 2011 make sure when you see that a good movie is released you take the opportunity to see it.

Going to the movies should be a fun experience-sitting in the theatre with your popcorn laughing, crying, trying to guess who did it, or screaming when the killer pops out the shadows.  This blog is by no means publicity for The Lincoln Lawyer, but I enjoy when I can sit down and just enjoy watching a movie. I  love when I leave the movie theatre and I am not critiquing the different elements that  can bug me (like the editing or the acting.)  Alfred Hitchcock said "A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it."  Find that film for you!

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