Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Third Annual Underrated Film Award Nominations (2014)

beyond-the-lightsAs I was compiling my on personal awards, it reminded me of the yearly tradition I have of crowning the most underrated films, performers, and technical aspects of film.

I expanded the two of the categories to ten nominees this year, and there will be two acting winners, one male one female.  

Overall I think that that there were a lot of films that were taken for granted this year, and while sure some of them have the films listed below have gotten attention here and there, they were all typically snubbed across the board, and not taken as seriously as they should have been!

Most Underrated Films of 2014
Beyond the Lights
Edge of Tomorrow 
John Wick
Love is Strange 
Obvious Child 
The Skeleton Twins
Stranger by the Lake

Most Underrated Performances of 2014
Riz Ahmed-Nightcrawler
Essie Davis-The Babadook
Zac Effron-Neighbors
Brendan Gleeson-Calvary
Tom Hardy-The Drop
John Lithgow-Love is Strange 
Gugu Mbatha-Raw-Beyond the Lights
Jenny Slate-Obvious Child
Tessa Thompson-Dear White People 
Kristen Wiig-The Skelton Twins

Most Underrated Technicals Aspects of a 2013 Film (Direction, Writing, Editing etc.,)
Meredith Boswell's Production Design in The Homesman
 Rachel Portman's Original Score for Belle
Jennifer Kent's Direction for The Babadook
Claire Mathon's Cinematography for Stranger by the Lake
Justin Simien's Screenplay for Dear White People
 James Herbet's Film Editing in Edge of Tomorrow 
Laray Mayfield's Casting for Gone Girl

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