Thursday, August 22, 2013

Justin Timberlake will be Awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award (Lifetime Achievement Award) at the VMAs Sunday

Beyond Stephen Colbert was anyone who is not obsessed with award shows talking about the VMAs happening this Sunday? I did not hear much chatter, but then again I am moving out of target demo for this network.  Then, the announcement, N'Sync would be getting back together to perform on the show.  Then Lance Bass denied, but not technically, that the group would be performing.  Suddenly the  kudos fest is all anyone can talk about, well played MTV.  Leave it to Justin Timberlake and his former band members to help bring excitement to music again.

Not only are these men supposedly reuniting, but Justin Timberlake is receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award for this award show.  Past winners have included:

1984-David Bowie, The Beatles
1987-Peter Gabriel
1988-Michael Jackson
1989-George Michael
1990-Janet Jackson
1991-Bon Jovi (the year the award was renamed from Video Vanguard to its current name)
1992-Guns N' Roses
1993-Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones
1998-LL Cool J
2000 Red Hot Chili Peppers
2003-Duran Duran
2011-Britney Spears

This award was not given out every year, but the artists who have won this lifetime achievement have had an impact on music videos in a tremendous way.  The way award is named after the "King of Pop," Michael Jackson whose Thriller video changed the face of music videos,  and has created a benchmark for greatness.

Over the years as part of N'Sync, or solo Timberlake has created some incredibly memorable music videos.  As a part of N'Sync there were numerous like the dancing puppetry in "Bye Bye Bye" the wonderfully edited "Pop" and even the hilariously cheesy "I Drive Myself Crazy" where they are all in straight jackets.  As a solo artist Just has appeared to move beyond the bubble gum pop, and with videos like for "Cry Me a River" "Sexyback" and this years "Mirror" Timberlake enters the pantheon of great music video artists.  I will now watch Sunday to see this man honored, and hopefully see a fun reunion with his former group mates.

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