Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who Should Host the Academy Awards?

I recently posted that Brett Ratner should be let go as a producer of the Academy Awards, but President Tom Sherak stated he was on "thin ice" and one more mistake would prevent him from this honor.  Soon after this Ratner stepped down as a producer.  After Ratner stepped down there were rumblings that Eddie Murphy would soon step down as the host, because of his connection with Ratner.  Today Eddie Murphy pulled out of hosting the award show, and now the big question is, who will host the Academy Awards this year?  Here is my wishlist:

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Now Contractually Obligated to Make Fun of 2012 Presidential ElectionsJon Stewart and Stephen Colbert-Give the guy another chance!  I think in this climate, politics is always funny, and he has great wit.  When the Academy Awards are airing we will be in the midst of primaries, and I think this could aid in Stewarts humor. I think pairing hosts together works when they have chemistry (Baldwin and Martin), but pairing two people who don't know each other does not work that well (Hathway and Franco).

Hugh Jackman-Jackman can sing, dance, and he's pretty damn funny!  The man tries to be a big box office star, but I think his talent is in the world of theater and live performance.  Jackman has been one of the best Oscar hosts in recent years and I think he would be wonderful.

Billy Crystal-Crystal has grace, panache, and would bring the Academy Awards back to the old school ways.  I think the Academy Awards are classic, and when they placate to bring in younger viewers, they fail.  Crystal would be a great choice because he represents the present days Bob Hope.

Neil Patrick Harris-One of the best hosts I have ever seen.  Harris has never hosted the Academy Awards, but he has done a great job with the Tony's and Emmy's.  I think this would bring a newer, and fresher perspective to this award show, which would be a breath of fresh air.

Q&A: 'Bridesmaids' stars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy on digital mustaches and the bonding power of pukeMelissa McCarthy and Kristin Wiig-This is the year of women at the movies.  Films like Bridesmaids and The Help are doing amazing.  Why not bring in two women from the funniest film of the year?  Wiig and McCarthy did great work together on Saturday Night Live, and Melissa McCarthy was one of the best hosts they have had in a while.

Wanda Sykes-Sykes is edgy and can insult well; she has great comic timing.  I think she would be a great host, she could bring an edgier vibe to this show, which may be something the Academy Awards needs

My pick at the moment is Wiig and McCarthy.

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